The biggest question about ISIS that no Serious Person is asking

The biggest question about ISIS that no Serious Person is asking is why hasn’t Israel been targeted by these lunatics?

Like France, Israel has a large population of disaffected minorities, i.e., Israeli Arabs who are treated worse than their French Arab counterparts. This population should theoretically serve as a large pool of potential extremists in Israel from which ISIS can gain recruits.

Furthermore, if ISIS is really out to avenge the crimes wrought upon Syria and Iraq by the West, the biggest culprit is Israel by far. After all, Israel was the main proponent of attacking Iraq and the most rabid American neocons pushing for the 2003 Iraq invasion in the Bush administration were all card-carrying zionists. And Israel’s long standing strategy to destabilize Syria in order to weaken its last remaining geopolitical opponent in the Levant, i.e., Bashar al-Assad, is well known, as they have been bombing the Golan Heights and parts of the Syrian infrastructure for years, long before other Western forces got involved.

Additionally, if we are to believe that ISIS is driven mainly by theological concerns and a drive to play out the “Signs of the End of Times,” as some analysts like Graeme Wood have argued, then Jerusalem and a final conflict with militant Jews play one of the most prominent parts of traditional Islamic eschatology. Why does ISIS not seem to care about these facets of the traditional Islamic account of the apocalypse?

Despite all this, ISIS has paid little to no attention to Israel, let alone threatening “storms” and “waves” of destruction upon that country like it has done for others. (Edit: They’ve even made a beheading video threatening Japan, of all places!) Even the handful of threats that have been made have been passing and have mostly focused on Hamas and Fatah. Arguably ISIS has been more belligerent toward these Palestinian groups than it has been toward Israel, which is curious to say the least. Factor in ISIS’s ongoing war against Hezbollah and it becomes clear that virtually all of Israel’s regional enemies coincidentally are also ISIS’s enemies.

Given these factors, we would expect Israel to be ISIS’s number one priority and the centerpiece of its genocidal, murderous fervor, at the very least in rhetoric if not action. But it is not, not by a long shot, and that is something for inquiring minds to mull over.


Edit: Just to clarify, what is bizarre first and foremost is the lack of rhetoric. Even if ISIS has no intention of attacking Israel for strategic or practical reasons, why not just be belligerent? If we know anything about Middle East politics, at the very least, there is massive PR value ISIS could gain throughout the Muslim world by merely portraying themselves as being enemies of Israel. The fact that they are not doing this for even the sake of recruitment is a big question mark especially in light of how they have been so indiscriminate with who they have been provoking: the US, Europe in general, Australia, Canada, Russia, Iran, even China and Japan. Even Haaretz of Israel wonders why Israel somehow gets a pass, and the author all but states that it is because Israel and ISIS are de facto strategic partners.

The biggest question about ISIS that no Serious Person is asking is why hasn't Israel been targeted by these…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Monday, November 16, 2015

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Tag suggestions: Israel, ISIS, Signs of the Hour (you mentioned an article that tries to link ISIS’ actions to Islamic eschatology).

Image suggestion: (I found versions of the ISIS and IDF logo with the “labelled for reuse and modification” license and put the latter on top of the former, so I think this this okay to use).

Eesa hanbal

Isis did fire rockets many times into israel from sinai province.Also they threatened israel many times in their videos & publications.They just want to get rid of the tyrant rulers first & they want to take on israel at later stages.Whenever US attacked any muslim country,it was the so called muslim tyrant rulers who have provided bases to US.Japan was threatened bcz japan gave economic aid to US in its fight against Isis.This is just a stupid conspiracy theory invented by iranian media in their desperate defense of bashar…

Eesa hanbal

Even isis claimed knife aatacks & ,truck attack on idf done by palestinian muslims(or maybe israeli arabs;not sure about that).


Even if they did attack Israel, do you believe that would’ve made any difference ? People would still call them terrorists for some reason.

And it amazes me that we hail the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah as heroes, all though both of them are guilty of butchering Muslim groups that are strictly orthodox. Hamas massacred Jund AnsarAllah supporters inside mosque back in 2009 because they wanted to establish shariah and opposed their ban on books of scholars like Shaykh al Islam Ibn Taymiyya and Shaykh Ibn Abdul Wahhab. Hezbollah co-operates with Bashar al Assad in Syria, and in Iraq, they rallied alongside with other rafidi groups who massacred sunnis and tortured people for merely having names like “Umar” and “Ayesha”.

Al Sayf al Battar

Its sad to see intellegent people like Daniel are actually buying conspiracies. Shame. Dawlah attacked Israel multiple times from Sinai and Gaza strip. The Ansar Bayt al Maqdis, which operates in sinai, once attacked a bus which was carrying Yahood to Israel. There are so many official statements by them claiming responsibility, and these attacks have been reported by kuffar as well. Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem, Junud Ansarullah still operate in those areas. Also, if they were allies, why did the Zionist lobby allow coalition of 70 country bomb continously on those areas? We know most of those countries support Zionist cause directly or indirectly. Zionists support nationalist movements like that of Jaysh al Hur [i.e. FSA], because it will ward off Islamists that are waging global Jihad. And they have actively promoted them. Why would they support groups who deny the colonialist borders and national identities and are claiming to have established a caliphate? This makes zero sense. I hope you understand.


Hello propaganda man