So let me get this straight… (San Bernardino)

A 28-year old “devout Muslim” restaurant inspector gets disgruntled at work. He leaves an office party and comes back with his wife, who he recently married (edit: a wife who is, according to sources, a petite 90 lb. woman who just gave birth 6-7 months ago). They are wearing full tactical gear as well as masks (as was reported yesterday, so not sure how the witnesses could have Id’ed them) and they shoot up the party, which was being held at a social services center for people with developmental disabilities. At some point, the shooters also plant several (edit: at least one) homemade explosives around the center because they apparently had intent to blow up people at the center, i.e., people with developmental disabilities and the social workers helping them. Thankfully, the bombs fail to go off. The shooters then leave the scene. Somehow police catch-up with them. No details on how the police were able to track their whereabouts or why the shooters, who were described as conducting the shooting with tactical precision as if they had been planning this in advance, would go back to their residence a few miles away after a mass shooting. In any case, a car chase ensues. No helicopter footage of the car chase is available for some reason. The chase ends with a shoot out with the police. Not clear why the shooters would not surrender if their SUV had been surrounded by police (i.e., if they had a death wish, why try to escape in the first place?). Be that as it may, the escape vehicle was shot up from all angles, as shown from news helicopter footage, which shows the decimated SUV but didn’t capture any of the other action as it unfolded. For some reason the car chase didn’t last very long and didn’t end up on the freeway, as nearly all police car chases do in California at least. Instead the escape vehicle gets cornered somehow, which ends the chase and starts the shoot out. And both suspects are killed, leaving behind their 6-month old daughter.

As for motive, well, this shooting has all the makings of a disgruntled employee “going postal” but then, there are other elements that play against that. Usually, the crazed employee going on a gun rampage is not a newly wed with a baby. And disgruntled employees don’t go on rampages with their wives. Usually.   But, this was also a “devout Muslim,” we are told, so maybe this was religiously motivated and we are to believe that Muslims hate our freedoms so much that they will sacrifice their own lives and the lives of their wives and children to strike fear into the hearts of the decadent infidels, leading hedonistic, Godless lives… at the center that helps kids and adults with developmental disabilities.  Ok, so maybe it was politically motivated. But then, why would a social services center be the target of political violence? Maybe this was a plot by ISIS, deliberately attacking not only innocent civilians but *disabled* innocent civilians in order to prove just how ruthless and evil they really are and provoke the US public even more. In this scenario, the suspect and his wife are just ISIS recruits doing the bidding of the Islamic State. I guess some ISIS recruits are so fanatical, that they will continue to work at mundane jobs for years as restaurant inspectors, etc., in small towns like San Bernardino until orders come down from ISIS command to “Kill the infidels,” at which point, they gear up with their wives, make some homemade bombs, go to the local developmental disabilities center, shoot up the place, and then drive back to their house, hoping life will go on as usual.   The more I think about it, the more it all adds up.  Btw, please support this page if this post raised questions for you.

So let me get this straight. A 28-year old "devout Muslim" restaurant inspector gets disgruntled at work. He leaves an…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Thursday, December 3, 2015

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