The Queer-Affirming Mosque

Why don’t we see drunkards going around looking for “booze-affirming” mosques? Why aren’t there Muslim bankers scouring the earth for “riba-affirming” mosques? Do you know any Muslim gamblers opening up their own “Monte Carlo Casino Masjid”? Have you ever seen a “Swinger’s lifestyle” mosque?

Yet we have a smattering of “queer-affirming” so-called mosques in North America and Europe.

Sorry, but these places are not about religion or developing one’s relationship with God. They are about validating misdeeds and feeding the ego.

You can go to any masjid, i.e., real masjid, and be a “homosexual.” In fact, I have yet to find a masjid that would turn away such self-identifying Muslims from prayer. Furthermore, all masajid are “safe-spaces” by default and available to “queers” because no one in the masjid, not the imam or the congregants, will ask you if you prefer to sleep with men or women. It’s not like before the iqama the imam is going to personally walk up to you and ask you point blank, “Do you fancy dudes or chicks?” before letting you into the prayer line. So I don’t know what these people are complaining about.

Do you need the imam to come and personally give you a long, heart-felt hug and proclaim, with a tear in his (or her) eye that he accepts you for who you are? And then the rest of the congregation to surround you with a group hug and sing Kumbaya for you to feel like you’re welcome? Are you really that incredibly, mind-blowingly insecure?

Well, of course you are, as anyone who does something immoral is.

These people want a “queer-affirming mosque.” The affirmation is what is key for them. They want someone to tell them, “You are a beautiful, sincere, righteous person no matter what you do or what you identify as.” That is not religion. That’s nonsense. That’s poison.

The Queer-Affirming MosqueWhy don't we see drunkards going around looking for "booze-affirming" mosques? Why aren't…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Saturday, June 4, 2016

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