The next generation of Western Muslims that are coming of age will not, for the most part, be religiously literate. What does that mean?

They won’t be able to read the Quran cover to cover and not find something that will shake their faith and make them feel like the Quran is an archaic text that can offer little beyond affirming their liberal commitments.

Whether it is verses pertaining to women, qawm Lut, ma malakat aymanukum, etc., reading these passages will put these kids into some form of cognitive dissonance. Either they will disavow the Quran and apostate. Or some of them will become khariji, where in their minds, whatever the modern world rejects is by definition Islam.

But the majority will simply fall into disillusionment and will have to resort to various historicization schemes, i.e., “This only was applicable 1400 years ago, not today.” Little by little, more of the Quran will be historicized in this way until the entire book is just seen as an archaic scripture, much like how modern Christians and Jews, the vast majority of them at least, understand the Bible.

Why will this happen? Because that is what they will have been taught.

And yes, past generations saw their fair share of the religiously illiterate, but they were the minority. In the next generations, they will be the vast majority.