In the mind of the contemporary Muslim activist, the greatest evil that can be fathomed is that somewhere, somehow a Muslim was disrespected, was treated badly, was subject to prejudice. In the mind of the contemporary Muslim activist, one’s entire purpose in life is to ensure that this evil is eradicated. This is what drives him and he imagines to himself that this is also what the Prophet ﷺ and the Sahaba were striving for and this constituted the essence of their mission: a world where everyone would embrace the Muslims.

In reality, however, this was not their mission at all. It wasn’t even a secondary or tertiary concern. Their sole focus, rather, was to spread the deen by standing firm on the truth. And they knew and expected and they experienced the reality of this: that most people would not like it. That most people would hate Islam, would hate the Messenger ﷺ, would hate Allah and His Book. As Allah says in Surat al-Ahzab:

“And Allah repelled those who disbelieved, in their rage, not having obtained any good. And sufficient was Allah for the believers in battle, and ever is Allah Powerful and Exalted in Might.”

Pleasing our Creator is the sole mission and achieving His pleasure is sufficient in making up for the hate, anger, and prejudice of the entire world combined, many times over.

Unfortunately, people do hate us and will continue to hate us. We should do what we can to help each other against the hate of others because believers have to have each others’ backs. But our core strategy for fighting hatred against Muslims is not to beg and plead with our oppressors to like and tolerate us out of the goodness of their hearts. Rather, we should redouble our commitment to goodness and truth and let our honor shine through obedience to God Almighty.