My parents are from Iran. Their generation faced massive secularization that was somewhat imposed from the top down in terms of government institutions (in the time of the Shah, before the Islamic revolution) and also bottom up in terms of the influence of Western culture, which was being mass imported from the middle of the 20th century on. A similar process happened in the Arab world and South Asia and we see a whole generation of Muslim women who took off their hijabs, condemned Islam as sexist and oppressive, and decided to give up the “backwards” lifestyle of their parents for a fully modern way of life. Whether Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Morocco, you name it and a similar transformation took place in this time range.

There has been somewhat of a return to religion in my generation, but really it is nothing compared to the tidal wave of secularization that wiped the collective consciousness of Muslim societies, especially in the past 60 years.

I don’t have anything important to say about this or commentary to add other than an emotional response. As I see Iranian Americans, Arab Americans, etc., all from once-Muslim backgrounds drinking alcohol, for example, and being impertinent, unpenitent, and just condescending towards Islam and faithfulness, I just have one thing to say:

You really screwed up. You really messed up by trading your faith for “progress.” And you ought to be pitied for your foolishness, shortsightedness, and superficiality. May Allah guide us all.