“Civilized” Nations

This is justice in our modern “civilized” nations. How far humanity has progressed from the Dark Ages — an unrepentant killer of 77 people gets to sit through 21 years in a cell, fed three meals a day, and still can complain about his human rights being violated.

This is justice in our modern "civilized" nations. How far humanity has progressed from the Dark Ages — an unrepentant…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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  1. Perhaps a different perspective should be given of Anders Breivik. My grandparents were Norwegians from the old country and if they saw Norway today they would get out their guns and rifles and fight these Quisling traitors in government. The government of Norway blindly allows immigration to the nation without any thought as to indigenous demographics and hegemony of the Norwegian people. They simply opened the floodgates of immigration and anyone who disagrees with their views are marginalized, arrested for hate crimes for speaking the truth and jailed for long periods. If instead of Muslim migration we were speaking of allowing criminals from all over the world to enter freely to Norway should the people not get upset? Now let’s talk about the Islamists who are let in and the rapes of indigenous girls by many Muslim men? Then the Muslim men pushing Shariah Law on a country that was, at least once, democratic? In my view any immigration program has to be intelligently designed to protect the indigenous from outside hate, rape, or murder. So it has to be selective of who is allowed entry into the country. Islamic nations, African nations, South American nations, Asian nations wouldn’t open their immigration doors so unwisely as the Western nations have done. It’s quite okay for all of them to be Xenophobia and Protective of culture and religion, but not the rest of us in the West?
    This brings us to something you brought up about Secularism. It’s a very dangerous concept because it has no morals or moralism whatsoever. These people have no ability, even though they are college and university educated, to be able to think beyond their absurd causes. Social-Justice? It’s a meaningless term just as much as Islamophobia is a meaningless term. If we want justice for all we make legislation that is for everyone, protects everyone, and does not give special rights to anyone. LGBTQ doesn’t need to have special rights, nor women, nor LGBTQ groups in schools, nor Muslims, nor Christians, nor Jews and so on, everyone has the same rights. Hate Crimes are not necessary because we already have laws on the books that state if you do a crime you do the time, no special rights for anyone is required here. This is basis for my saying that Secularism is what is the real danger to religiosity and life in the West. The platform of the liberals, progressives, social-justice, socialists is to inundate themselves into our private lives without our consent. That’s Norway today. And Breivik for all his madness was right to do what he did because the kids of the Norwegian politicians would become the next generation secularists that would pushed for more intrusively on Norwegians private lives. Being peaceful doesn’t always work and we are obligated as democratic and free people to pick up our guns and fight to preserve our nations from criminal politicians. These kids would have grown up to take charge in a socialist atmosphere where they would ignore the rights of their own citizens to stop immigration without common sense. How else would anyone stop evil from taking over. If Hitler was standing right in front of us would we just stand there and do nothing? No! But when political Norwegian Quizling Nazis are standing right in front of us and their kids are in Brown shirts with Swastikas learning how to force their will on a the nation, would we stand by and just let them? Your answer here. So, Breivik isn’t a hero because no one who kills others is a hero, but after he did what he did he’s not treated with kid-gloves in Norwegian prison. And the Norwegian government played on the emotions of the West who really don’t know what their government is doing to their people by exclaiming this an atrocity, while ignoring the plight of their own people – women and young girls – to be raped by Muslim men they let in. That’s why Breivik was really angry. And when your really angry you lash out. Isn’t that what Muslims Mobs do in the Middle East and the West when they feel slighted? And they kill innocent people by the score while Western governments capitulate to “Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance” that they cannot prove. We are going to see more of this happening in the West as government ignores their own indigenous people and favour minority migrants. Breivik is no hero, he’s a martyr and he faced down a tyrannical Socialist Secular government. And he made the government bullies blink. I have taught that to defeat a bully you have to stand up to them. If you don’t you will be bullied for life. Breivik had a real point about those who govern and the greater the tragedy the more people will want to learn why he did what he did. I didn’t particualrly like what he did, but I didn’t like what Chechen Muslims did to kids at Beslan School either. When you fail to have any other options you fight back, America did and look what happened there.

    • It’s largely the latter. Look how tiny Muslims are as a population increase – and yet this is making them throw a fit. The same people who have bombed and genocided the Muslim world for around a century now want to claim a few more migrants (many of whom aren’t even Muslim and just came for muh green card) is an invasion are seriously projecting.

      Imagine literally invading lands and then claiming people arriving the other way, many of whom want to (((assimilate))) and have an inferiority complex, is somehow equivalent to an invasion.

      • I think theyre just sensationalizing a non-issue so as to rationalize their already rabid hatred of something. As for those who didn’t like Muslims before, that propaganda has made them hate Muslims and Islam. Every major report from every major research institute (including government sponsored) refutes this silly myth of mass immigration and it leading to an increase in terrorism and other crimes

  2. i am for against this immigration ban. the reality is that as much as it has secukariiesed the west it has also secularised immigrants. all immigrants are not terrorists.

  3. many immigrants have become secularised. so you are wrong. why did chechens do what they did. they didnt allow govt to do whatever they want.

  4. and the nations you mentioned are poor but do allow belonging to different colours fir example pakistan took afghan refugees . some refugees should be taken.

  5. indeed christianity is a religion of peace until you havent read the bible or are the sort of christian. who doesnt believe in old testatement bible.

  6. and if what you are saying is reality. the problem is the refugees can only change demographics of norway. they cant change the mings norwegian politicians. and why is norway suffering from droughts. is it also because of refugees. or is it because of cutting of tress and useing up of resources of the wild. the muslims hate the west because muslims is allies itself to religion.we believe in theocracy.they want to spread islam as liberal;s wants to do the same in muslim countries.but the difference is muslims fought back against in militant manner nbecause democracy has never succed religion.


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