Curious to know what Israeli politicians are saying about the attack in Belgium? According to multiple members of the Israeli Knesset, Belgium has no one but itself to blame for these attacks due to its “policy of appeasement.” Belgium is too nice to Muslims and too accommodating to the Palestinian cause, apparently, since it was one of the EU nations on its way to recognize Palestinian statehood as well as to adopt labeling for Israeli products coming from occupied territories.

Of course, France was also considering such measures immediately before the ISIS attack in 2015. And Japan also donated millions in aid to Gaza and ISIS spared no time in beheading two random Japanese diplomats they had happened to capture.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to point out these coincidences. In fact, any geopolitical analyst worth his salt should understand that ISIS and Israel’s interests are highly aligned regardless. They are both invested in instability in Syria as well as in anti-Muslim sentiment in the West. And sympathy and political action in support of Palestine are in direct contradiction to these interests for both ISIS and Israel.

Does that mean that Israel is in any way supporting ISIS? Not necessarily. But you cannot deny that there is a strong motive for them (and others) to do so. Just look at the kind of smug glee Israel’s own political figures react with in the face of ISIS terror.