What we have learned from “progressive” Muslims and others recently is that you can’t be a “devout Muslim” if you drink (‪#‎Chattanooga‬). I have to ask: According to these people, what else disqualifies you from being a “devout Muslim”? Not praying? Not observing sharia rules on premarital or same-sex relations? Not taking hadith seriously and thinking it’s all made-up? Please elaborate on what constitutes “devotion” in your eyes.‪#‎unprincipledHacks‬

NB: Of course, orthodox/traditional scholars can determine that a given shooter is not a “devout Muslim” because orthodoxy refers to sharia in making these judgments. But for those who turn their noses up at such things as sharia, fiqh, tradition, orthodoxy, etc., what is their rubric for making their sweeping pronouncements, other than sheer unprincipled political expediency?