The Quran does not assume a progressivist view of history. When you read the accounts of the prophets, Musa, Esa, Yusuf, Ibrahim, in the Quran, you should not think, “These are stories of the past — we live in modern times. Our world is different, our societies, our institutions, our governments are more advanced and sophisticated.” No. Never think that for one second because those are the thoughts of the disbelievers as Allah mentions in the Quran itself, “Those who disbelieve say, this is nothing but stories of the ancients.”

There is a reason Allah gives us detailed historical information about the struggles of the prophets and their enemies. Because those are the struggles we face today. Just like there are “inheritors of the prophets” alive today, i.e., the righteous scholars, there are also inheritors of Iblis. There are inheritors of Pharaoh. There are inheritors of Abu Jahl and Abu Lahab. Let’s not be blind about this reality lest we be caught off guard because we did not heed clear warnings from our Lord.