How can a person be committed to “la ilaha illa Allah” and not maintain the five prayers? How can a person testify that “there is none worthy of worship except Allah,” but then not perform worship? The shahada is not an abstract, theoretical statement. It is a promise that one fulfills.

In reality, some Muslims quit salah because they don’t “feel anything.” What is the point of performing a ritual if you don’t get a special feeling? they ask. Why bother?

In reality, there is a special feeling and the Prophet ﷺ would refer to it: the sweetness of iman. But tasting that sweetness does not come for free. Like anything worthwhile, one has to strive for it and yearn for it and sometimes it takes time. And ultimately, it is a gift from Allah that He bestows upon whom He wills.

Other than very blessed people and awliya, one might not get that special feeling in most prayers, but submitting to one’s Creator and bowing and prostrating oneself in fulfilling the sacred covenant and testifying by one’s actions the truth of the shahada and devotion to Him who is without partner, that is the purpose. Is there anything in life that is more important, more significant, more meaningful, more powerful, more profound than this worship? O Allah, accept from us!