Sometimes I get feedback that I am too blunt in my critiques of modernity, feminism, liberalism, etc. I get asked to be more sensitive to people’s feelings. Sometimes this is constructive feedback. Other times, people are just offended that I dare to object to their cherished beliefs and can only respond by attacking me.

Of course, many of these same people don’t bat an eyelash when traditional Muslim beliefs are lampooned, mocked, belittled. Some of them even encourage that (in the name of free speech or whatever). Nor do they care for the feelings of traditional Muslims or give it any regard. From their perspective, why should the feelings of orthodox-minded Muslims matter in the face of their social justice crusade? The idea of “blasphemy,” of course, has no meaning to them (unless it is their beliefs that are being “blasphemed”).

Everywhere you turn, you see this kind of anti-Islam discourse (even if it is not branded “anti-Islam” as such). And no one cares. It’s just the norm at this point. But write one “unseemly” thing about modernism, feminism, liberalism, and you will pay the price. You will feel the wrath of clergy and congregation for your obscene desecration.