The Arrogance of Muslim Feminism

Muslim Feminism: When you think you understand the Quran better than the likes of Tabari. When you think you understand the Sunnah better than the likes of Ghazali, ibn al-Jawzi, ibn Taymiyya, and Razi. When you think you understand the Sharia better than the likes of Malik, Abu Hanifa, Shafi`i, and Ahmad.

They all expressed views and held opinions people today would consider deeply misogynistic. Instead of questioning feminism, questioning the philosophical bases and inherent incoherence of feminist thought and critically analyzing notions of gender equality and gender itself, instead of practicing the minimal amount of self-awareness and critical reflection, it is much easier to throw these scholars under the bus, demean them as ignorant or somehow less knowledgeable about Islam (!) than oneself or worse. Are we really to believe that you and I know more about and have a deeper, more accurate understanding of the Quran, Sunnah, Sharia, etc., than these giants?

Some of these feminists also ignore similar statements from the Prophet (s) and his companions, but dismiss such narrations as fabricated using circular reasoning, e.g., “anything that goes against gender egalitarianism as we define it must have been a fabrication since Islam perfectly anticipated 21st century gender egalitarianism 1400 years ago.”

So sad the lengths they will go to to maintain their hold on what they will (inshaAllah) eventually come to realize is trash.

Edit: And before anyone says it, yes the ulama were not infallible. But some of their views are not isolated. Some of their views were widely held. And if they did make mistakes, other scholars in their time or later would point that out with explanation and reasoning and different schools of thought would develop. But this is not what we find for the passages and opinions Muslim feminists and reformers fixate on.

Muslim Feminism: When you think you understand the Quran better than the likes of Tabari. When you think you understand…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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