Sh Yasir Qadhi posted the following regarding my recent article on homosexuality. Sh. Yasir is one of the few scholars in our community who takes into account modern philosophical assumptions when responding to controversial questions and hot button topics. Many Muslims today see philosophy as a dangerous subject, and, in truth, it can definitely be a source of misguidance. BUT studying philosophy for THE SOLE PURPOSE of using it in a deconstructive fashion, to defend Islam against the modern philosophical arguments against it, is important and necessary for SOME within our community to do.

“There has been a lot of discussion in the Muslim community recently regarding the recent legalization of same-sex marriages in America. I have also spoken about it in a brief video (you’ll find it in the first comment below). I strongly encourage everyone to read this article by Daniel Haqiqatjou, whom I’ve had the honor of teaching many years back, and who now is a reference that I sometimes turn to for contemporary philosophical issues! He’s studied philosophy at Harvard and Tufts, and is also studying the classical Islamic sciences. The article raises some very profound questions, and asks us to reevaluate certain presumptions that some of us subconsciously take for granted.”