The Purpose of “Sex Education”

Kids are getting sex education in school at younger and younger ages. When I was in grade school, sex ed wasn’t taught until 10th grade. Now middle school and sometimes elementary school have these programs. What is the impact of this on a child’s psyche and development and what will be the impact collectively for society?

My dad was telling me that in the past, in Muslim cultures, parents didn’t talk to their kids about this until puberty and even then would not be explicit about it because they understood the power of human curiosity. If you talk to a child about this, they will be that much more likely to be curious about it and want to investigate further and try it, and that’s not a positive result, no matter what modern psychologists tell us about being “sex positive,” etc.

The content of the material being taught is also changing apparently. They are teaching elementary school children about sexual fluidity, sex orientation, that you have the option of selecting your gender identity and whether you like boys or girls or both or neither or beyond. You don’t have to be a fortune teller to guess what kind of impact this will have on our children’s and hence our future.

But you have to really be amazed by the liberal philosophy underlying all this, namely, why shouldn’t small children learn about sex? Sex is just a healthy, natural part of life, right? There is no shame in learning about what the human body can do! Besides, what possible reason is there to not teach kids this stuff? They probably know about it anyway from TV! Etc.

Consider the parallels this has to the satanic discourse, when Iblis deceived Adam and Hawwa (as) to approach the tree and their shame became apparent to them. In the same vein, from the satanic perspective, there is nothing better than children knowing about sex as soon as they can talk and understand language. And of course this would be portrayed as positive, progressive, and healthy. The reality is, sex by default *is* something shameful in itself and it is only transformed to something very positive, beneficial, healthy, and elevated when it is in accord with Allah’s commands, so much so that God rewards having sex when it is does in this lawful way. But this is not the perspective and logic our children are being taught. So it is no surprise that they increasingly see traditional religion as out of touch and irrelevant. If you learn in school that there is nothing more healthy than sex by default, then only something impractical, evil even, would hinder that in any way.

Kids are getting sex education in school at younger and younger ages. When I was in grade school, sex ed wasn't taught…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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I’m not modernist neither progressist, but what you saying is totally wrong. But if you want to think that I’m modernist or progressist because of what I will saying, no problem.

” Sex is by default something shameful ” ? WTF is that ? What’s that ? Who said this ? Where it’s written ? Which ayat ? Which hadith ? Excuse me but it’s totally wrong and stupid what you saying. It’s because of such stupid thought and speech that there’s modernist or progressist ! I understand now !

That’s not from Islam, but from culture or something like that. In Islam, sex is something natural, good and healthy when it’s practiced in lawful way yeah, but in default, sex isn’t shameful ? WTF is that lol ? Again, Islam isn’t saying that ! That’s not from Islam !

Maybe when they are child ok it’s too early, but when they reach age of marriage, we can talk to them about this modestly, we can explain that it’s something natural, good and healthy, which we use to procreate but there is also practiced for pleasure, etc., something which must to be practiced in a lawful way, and that’s why Islam encourages the marriage as soon as possible !

Excuse me but it’s wrong and stupid to say that sex is something shameful ! What a stupid and ugly mentality ! It’s more ugliest when such mentality and stupid thought it’s preached in the name of Islam !


There is juste a mistake : I wanted to say ” sex is not shameful ! *


A good article, but I want to note an important point that sex education emphasizes more on protected sex rather than post-marital sex. In some universities, like MIT, they give out free condoms. Obviously, they know that most if not all users are using it for premarital sex.