The Self-Defeating Nature of Atheism

Do we have a good reason to think that supernatural entities exist?

Here is a reason. The vast majority of human beings throughout time have explicitly believed in some supernatural entity or entities. The fact that not everyone has agreed on what those supernatural entities are does not diminish the fact that these people all believe in some supernatural entity or other. Furthermore, these beliefs are held by people across the world and across time independently of each other.

The burden is on the materialist atheist to explain this phenomenon. If these beliefs have not been induced by actual experiences, then they must be the result of a state of delusion humans almost universally and naturally suffer from or a predisposition humans have in making big mistakes about what does and does not in fact exist in the world. The delusions must be so strong, in fact, that they drive all these people to great lengths of religious devotion. In other words, these are not simple passing hallucinations. This delusion, i.e., the “God delusion,” must be deeply and consistently felt to such an extent that the people suffering from it don’t even have the slightest clue about their mentally disturbed condition.

But by claiming that human beings are prone to suffer from such deep and abiding delusions and are liable to make such significant cognitive errors, this does nothing other than impeach the human mind itself and its ability to accurately recognize and understand the world. But this, of course, undermines the very minds and hence the conclusions of the materialist atheists themselves.

In other words, the recognition of the supernatural is so universal and hence so inherent to what it means to be human and the human mind’s experience of the world around it that to discredit that general notion of the supernatural is to discredit the human mind itself and humanity’s capacity to be in and experience the world as it really is. That is what materialistic atheism has committed itself to, not realizing the self-defeating nature of their program.

Do we have a good reason to think that supernatural entities exist?Here is a reason. The vast majority of human beings…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Thursday, June 9, 2016

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