Don’t Support the Troops

What people don’t realize is that slogans like “Support our troops” and blindly praising soldiers for their “service” and “sacrifice” plays right into the hands of those who are creating these wars and invading the world.

If we as a society held soldiers accountable for their decisions, at least in terms of public opinion, that would force people to think carefully about enlisting. That would force them to ask themselves honestly: Should I be a cog in the war machine that is going to commit these atrocities?

But the warmongers don’t want people thinking about those moral implications because that will hinder their recruitment. What helps recruitment are empty slogans about “service,” “sacrifice,” “patriotism” and glorifying the warrior who does as he is ordered, even if he is ordered to commit atrocities. That’s what will boost volunteers and ensure enough manpower for the next operation.

So for those who say, “We denounce unjust war, but we support our troops,” you are simply contradicting yourself.

What people don't realize is that slogans like "Support our troops" and blindly praising soldiers for their "service"…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Sunday, August 7, 2016

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