If you have ever wondered how the prophesied Dajjal, i.e., the anti-Christ, could have such a large following among people, including Muslims, despite his physical disfigurement, his tyranny, and the word kafir literally spelled out on his face, look no further than modern politics.

I always wondered this. Why would anyone follow such a clearly evil being? The answer is all around us. We see shades of the same thing happening today, in the East and West. You have politicians that openly commit all manner of atrocity against the human race. They massacre, drone strike, steal, corrupt, poison — all in full view of public scrutiny. But no one seems to care. I mean, does a person really care about the murder and oppression wrought by the hands of someone like a President Obama if him making a sappy, pandering speech is enough to elicit drooling praise and slack-jawed devotion from that person?

So many crimes are whitewashed in the minds of people. Bombing, invading, occupying — these are nothing more than “geopolitics” or “hawkish foreign policy.” Killing innocent people is nothing more than “collateral damage.” Militarizing a police force that then terrorizes society and is responsible for an endless stream of brutality and death is nothing more than being “tough on crime” and “serious about security.”

Does all it take for you people to fall in line wording? Just some carefully chosen terms and suddenly you can’t see the butcher’s knife mutilating the corpse? Is well-spun terminology like a magic elixir that your mind cannot resist?

If so, just try to hold on to one thing: God is not one-eyed.