When Being Muslim is Just a Racial Identity

Racialized Islam means we should celebrate a woman in hijab no matter what she is doing, what she stands for, or what the context.

Racialized Islam means you can be Muslim and not believe in God.

Racialized Islam means you have the moral outlook and the aspirations of a liberal, bourgeois white person except you don’t eat pork.

Racialized Islam means you can’t finish a sentence without declaring that “Islam is not a monolith.”

Racialized Islam means supporting causes that are deeply antithetical to Islam because not supporting other “minorities” would be “hypocritical.”

Racialized Islam means congratulating ex-Muslims leaving the faith because “they’ve found what makes them happy.”

Racialized Islam means celebrating Muslim soldiers for “their sacrifice” even when said soldiers participated in highly immoral wars/invasions resulting in the deaths of one million people.

Racialized Islam means the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah is pretty much the entirety of the seerah, the most important part at least.

Racialized Islam means Islamic values have no value or wisdom, let alone applicability, outside a Muslim’s personal, private life. And even then…

Racialized Islam means discrimination against Muslims is the worst evil possible or even imaginable.

Racialized Islam means you often feel the need to distinguish yourself as “one of the good” Muslims as compared to those “bad, wahabi” Muslims.

Racialized Islam means a US president or presidential candidate can be responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent Muslims but still be considered “Muslim friendly” because he/she holds White House iftars and makes other empty gestures.

Racialized Islam means there are no religious authorities because a racial identity doesn’t have the kind of content or normative imperatives that require guidance and learning.

Racialized Islam means Islam means peace.

Racialized Islam means talking about American Islam with a heightened sense of importance and gravity, ignoring the fact that American Muslims are about 0.5% of the world’s Muslim population.

Racialized Islam means “there is no Islam, only islams.”

Symptoms of the same disease. To be continued…

Racialized Islam means we should celebrate a woman in hijab no matter what she is doing, what she stands for, or what…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Saturday, September 24, 2016

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