The Good of Trump

Highly unpopular opinion but determining the “lesser of two evils” requires looking at more than just the direct actions of the evil in question and accounting for the total net outcome of a situation holistically.

We have not seen the net outcome of a Trump presidency as of yet. No doubt he has proved himself to be as despicable as he was on the campaign trail. But the impact he is having on the public’s consciousness, despite himself, is a huge net positive.

The primary reason people voted for Trump was his image as anti-establishment. And as it turns out, he *is* anti-establishment, not because he is anti-corruption or wants to get money out of politics, but because his administration is so incompetent.

The Washington establishment as it existed under Obama and would have continued to exist with Hillary is a force of oppression. It was due to the power of this establishment that the wealth gap continued to increase year after year, more and more Americans ended up below the poverty line, more and more civil rights were usurped, more and more corporate interests at the expense of the public were prioritized, and the list goes on.

But what gives the establishment its power is stability. Stability allows it to continue to operate without a hitch, slowly taking from people without them realizing it. For example, did people realize that Obama deported more people from the US than all other 20th century presidents combined? Or that the prison population ballooned over his 8 year tenure? Or that health care costs for the average family sharply rose? With Obama, those everyday injustices went unnoticed or even actively ignored though their impact to the lives of average Americans was significant.

Trump, on the other hand, is an agent of instability and that’s why establishment players hate him. He’s like the incompetent crook that ruins the game for all the other crooks because of his bumbling.

In that sense, Trump has the potential to bring about a big net positive for the country and the world, and this would all be despite himself. It will take time to tell.


Highly unpopular opinion but determining the "lesser of two evils" requires looking at more than just the direct actions…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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