Liberal and Reformist Muslims: No One Cares About Your Feelings

Some of the stupidest arguments that would have been laughed at and ridiculed 10 years ago are today being taken very seriously and respected.

Nowadays, “personal feelings” are the bottom line. If there is something that people want to object to or otherwise oppose, they just need to say that that thing “offends their personal feelings,” “violates their sense of self,” “harms them emotionally,” etc. Seriously? This counts as a rebuttal to detailed scholarly theological arguments about what is right and wrong in the sight of God Almighty? All that reasoning and spiritual investigation and introspection and reliance on revelation and the texts of great scholarly significance are nullified because you feel icky? Because you feel like your emotions and identity are not sufficiently validated?

Guess what. Nobody cares about your feelings.

OBVIOUSLY people who are bent on doing the wrong thing can be offended if you tell them, “Hey, this is wrong.” Who cares?

OBVIOUSLY people who insist on incorrect ideas and even blasphemous beliefs would prefer you celebrate them instead of sanction them. Who cares?

OBVIOUSLY people who want to live destructive lives would feel good about themselves if you patted them on the back rather than advised them to change their ways. Who cares?

There is such a thing as constructive criticism. There is such a thing as nasiha, i.e., sincere, heart-felt advice. If you are too thin-skinned for that, your loss. You’re not holding our religion hostage to your personal sense of fulfillment.

Time to cut the cord.

These radical voices calling for all kinds of liberal, “progressive” trash have been coddled in recent years because others have been too accommodating, maybe worried that they would be labelled “wahabis” or worse.

And it is true that maybe 20 years ago, there was a strain of overzealous brothers and sisters who drove people away unnecessarily with their gruffness. But the pendulum has swung too far the other way in our times. And I’m not advocating a return to gruffness, but how about some backbone for God’s sake?!

It is a given that some percentage of people (X%) are not going to like the message, no matter what the message is. If we are constantly catering to that X% hoping not to offend them, we end up distorting the message. Let the X% be offended if they must. When the ABCs of our deen are considered “hate speech” snd “bigotry” by these people, that’s plenty indication that there are better uses of our time.


Some of the stupidest arguments that would have been laughed at and ridiculed 10 years ago are today being taken very…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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