Learning the Right Lessons After Trump’s Win

Unfortunately, there is an unsaid pro-Democrat subtext in what many Muslim leaders encourage their communities to do politically.

The subtext of all the “Go vote” messaging we heard in khutbas and conferences for the past 6 months was “Vote for Hillary.”

Now that Trump has won, the messaging is “Be active.” What could possibly be the subtext there?

Look, no one is denying how despicable Trump is and how much damage he has the potential to do. But as I keep saying, he is part of a larger system, the same system that Obama and Clinton were and are a part of.

If the only thing American Muslims learn from this election is “We need to do more to support Dems and oppose the GOP,” that would truly be a disaster and a waste. But I’m afraid that’s exactly what’s happening and all I am seeing is the encouragement of that mentality in our communities and institutions.

Again, the real source of the problems don’t lie with one political party. Of course, there are the problems of physical oppression, killing, and injustice. Even on that level, unfortunately, not all Muslims are willing to recognize that Democrats have a long record of atrocities, both domestically and abroad. Apparently, atrocities are excusable if committed by a Democrat in office and such things don’t herald the apocalypse. But if a GOP president appoints a bigot to his cabinet, he is literally the anti-Christ.

Be that as it may, even fewer still are the Muslims who recognize the spiritual and religious consequences of aligning with one particular party, especially the Democrats. Eight years of Muslims cozying up to Obama has significantly eroded American Muslim religious values for the simple reason that many leftist social causes directly oppose Islamic values. Whether it concerns LGBT, radical feminist liberationism, the prioritization of subjective identities over religious authority, the absolute premium placed on liberal conceptions of freedom and equality, etc. What is worse is that these anti-Islamic programs have been Islamicized by Muslims. That’s how you can have a whole generation of young Muslim activists who pray, fast, and wear the hijab pushing for “LGBT solidarity” and thinking that doing so is “their jihad”!

With Trump, Muslims are worried about being wiped out. But if Muslims continue this love affair with Democratic liberal partisanship, there soon might not be any actual Muslims left to wipe out.

And when I say that it is still not clear to me whether Trump really was the “greater of two evils,” those are the kinds of considerations I have had in mind.


Unfortunately, there is an unsaid pro-Democrat subtext in what many Muslim leaders encourage their communities to do…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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