Responding to Atheism: The Argument from Annihilation

The fact that the entirety of the universe with all its physical laws and order would arise from nothing and develop into the complex, intricate, spell-bounding, gobsmackingly amazing world we see all around us and within us should be more than enough for any reasonable person to immediately and fully recognize that there is a “Higher Power” at work.

But atheists deny this. They make all kinds of arguments to attack the obviousness and intuitiveness of this. Each of these arguments can be countered on its own terms. But countering those arguments still gives the atheists the upper hand because they have essentially taken something that was very intuitive and made it a matter of debate and question.

We can, however, respond to this with what I’m calling the Argument from Annihilation.

Analogous to creation is annihilation. If something can be created from nothing, then in the same way, something can be annihilated and reduced to nothing. Allah can, of course, has the exclusive power for this: Nothing –> Something and Something –> Nothing. The first is creation; second is annihilation.

So if we have problems wrapping our minds around creation and we have lost that intuitiveness and enchantment because it is too abstract to imagine the entire universe coming from nothing, then simply imagine the analog. What if, all of a sudden, your car vanished before your eyes without a trace? What would you think?

Or what if a major landmark like the Egyptian Pyramids suddenly vanished without a trace? What could we conclude? Could there be a natural explanation for this, when something that large and immobile disappeared in a moment?

What if something bigger, like an entire continent or the moon disappeared?

Now, really try to imagine witnessing these things. Imagine them happening right before your eyes. Just imagine that.

If we witnessed these vanishings, wouldn’t it be more than reasonable to think that there was a “Higher Power” at work? Atheists could still deny this, they could still insist that there is a perfectly naturalistic explanation even if current scientists haven’t figured it out yet.

But for those who actually witnessed these vanishings and actually saw massive objects disappear into thin air, it would be hard to deny a sense that, to put it mildly, there is more to the story than anything in this world or anything that the human mind could ever be privy to.

So that is the feeling one would get when it comes to the annihilation of relatively minuscule objects (relative to the universe itself). Given that, can we extrapolate or infer what it would be like to experience witnessing the universe itself in its entirety come into existence? What would be our feeling there? What would we think and feel about a “Higher Power” in that instance?

Given that that emergence of the universe from nothing is exactly what actually happened — the only difference being that we weren’t personally there to witness it — then shouldn’t we be clear on there being a Creator? At least, we should have very strong, undeniable intuitions about this and the burden is on atheists to show how those intuitions are misplaced.


Responding to Atheism: The Argument from AnnihilationHere is an argument I'm in the process of formulating and…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Thursday, November 3, 2016

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