“Progressive” Muslims on the Attack

In response to my recent post on takfir, Brother Ahmad Bouali left the following fiery comment brimming with truth mashaAllah, which I am reposting here for your benefit. Read it in its entirety and reflect on this blessed day.

Preach! _____________________


Today, […] so-called “liberal” and “progressive” Muslims call for a rejection of central pillars of Islamic belief, practice, and morality that have never been disagreed upon — often including even things that are ma’lum min al-din bi’l-darura. Like what? Like the finality of Islam and its supercession of previous religious dispensations (in favor of the loose ecumenicism of liberal Christian and Jewish groups, where everyone’s the same because no one really believes anything anyway, other than the dominant liberal values which is, in fact, their real religion, not Christianity, Judaism, or Islam). Or like the basics of Islamic sexual morality 101, like the prohibition of zina and same-sex relations (in favor of the ridiculous notion that the Qur’an is somehow about “free sex” and that the only relevant question is one of consent, which is complete nonsense). Or that the Qur’an and Sunna are compatible with the radical gender egalitarianism of second-wave feminism, where any differentiation between males and females in deemed offensive and illegitimate.

These people even want to tamper with the sacred rites of the faith, the ‘ibadat which were set by the Prophet (saas) and in which there is no ijtihad. Women have always stood behind men in prayer all over the world for 1400 years, and now because some self-important Westernized feminist Muslima impressed with her own opinion suddenly feels “othered” and delegitimized and “oppressed” by this arrangement, she feels she can demand — with all the self-righteousness of a true “warrior for justice” — an alteration in the sacred rites whereby women pray alongside men, even without a barrier — in direct violation of the prophetic model and explicit statements about the best line for the men being the FIRST line and the best line for women being the LAST one, etc.

What kind of hubris and effrontery is this? Where is the submission here? Where is the virtue of being pleased with the deen of Allah and the Sunna of His Messenger (saas)? Of molding one’s notions of right and wrong, just and unjust, fair and unfair according to the standards of Allah and His Messenger, rather than one’s own pre-committed intellectual paradigms, or the moral biases and cultural sensitivities of one’s local time and place?

Unfortunately, a lot of young, assimilated Muslims are falling for this nonsense and the fancy words of these academics (who are not scholars in the Islamic sense by any stretch of the imagination), and being seduced by them into adopting bastardized and completely illegitimate forms of “Islam” that they have concocted to suit their own ahwa’. There is a feminist group planning an event at a prominent U.S. university next month who actually refer to themselves and their event as “FITNA” — standing for “Feminist Islamic something or other.” What group would actually refer to themselves with a term that is unremittingly negative in connotation wherever it appears in the Qur’an, Sunna, or Islamic tradition. And we’re supposed to take these jokers seriously? Allah has exposed them by inspiring them to name themselves with a name of perfidy. Allahu akbar!

And it’s interesting that they seem to be following at least one sunna, namely, that of tadarruj (introducing their ideas and practices gradually, so as not to shock people too much and cause themselves to be categorically rejected). Today it’s “re-examining notions of gender” and “undoing patriarchy.” Tomorrow, it’s “we need to have a discussion on sexuality and the distinction between biological sex, gender, and sexual orientation.” One of these self-named “Islamic feminists” has a blurb on the back of Scott Kugle’s 2010 book arguing for a reading of the Qur’an and Islamic fiqh friendly to homosexual practice (an impossible feat if there ever was one). Given what a crack job his work is, as exposed recently by Mobeen Vaid (http://muslimmatters.org/2016/07/11/can-islam-accommodate-homosexual-acts-quranic-revisionism-and-the-case-of-scott-kugle/), how can these people claim any type of scholarly integrity at all? Either this “Islamic” feminist “scholar” praised his work without reading it, or she read it and praised it anyway despite its enormous flaws. In either case, it shows that ideology comes first for these people, with any type of intellectual or scholarly integrity completely thrown out the window.

So they call themselves “FITNA” and they promote fahisha (which is the word Allah uses in reference to the homosexual practice of the people of Lut — as). So let’s cut the polite terms like “Progressive Muslims” and “Liberal Muslims” and call these people what they really are (by their own admission): ahl al-fitna wa’l-fahisha, the People of Fitna and Fahisha. May Allah save us and all Muslims from being deceived by their poison. Ameen!


In response to my recent post on takfir, Brother Ahmad Bouali left the following fiery comment brimming with truth…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Sunday, September 11, 2016

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