Think about this unintuitive statement: Doing something 100% of the time is easier than doing it 90% of the time. Think about prayer. If you are struggling to pray the 5 prayers on time, don’t take a gradual, piece-meal approach, e.g., “I’ll just try to pray 2 times a day for now and work my way up to 5.”

Such an approach is much harder to follow than just jumping in and completing the 5 prayers. Just commit to doing it 100%. If you only commit to a part of that, then whenever it’s time to pray, you will inevitably have a mental struggle: “Should I pray 1 of my 3 prayers now, or wait until later? This TV show is pretty fun, so I’ll just push it off and pray later.” And you will keep making excuses like that until you’re praying 0 prayers per day.


Daniel Haqiqatjou

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