How DARE You Compare Trump and Obama!

“Are you seriously comparing Trump to Obama? Really? Really?! That’s ludicrous. That’s irrational.”

Yes, in a certain sense it is irrational to compare a blazing inferno to the pile of dry wood doused in gasoline inches away from a lit match from which that inferno emerged.


While we’re on the topic of irrationality, it is interesting how casually “slippery slope” and سد الذرائع arguments are dismissed as irrational paranoia and even a kind of conspiracy theorizing. When you raise the alarm about something early on, you are dismissed, maligned, labeled, etc. Then when disaster strikes, it is *you* who are the insensitive, rude person for pointing out the fact that things were on a clear set path from the beginning.


"Are you seriously comparing Trump to Obama? Really? Really?! That's ludicrous. That's irrational."Yes, in a certain…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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