There are so many options in terms of Muslim orgs to donate to every year in Ramadan. This year, I’m making a point not to contribute to orgs that made unprincipled, politically expedient statements on gay marriage and the LGBT movement post-Orlando, i.e., those orgs who went beyond condemnation and condolences and chose to make full-throated endorsements of the LGBT movement, equating “homophobia,” “transphobia,” and “islamophobia,” etc. There are plenty of excellent orgs that didn’t feel the need to win political points in such an opportunistic way who didn’t feel the need to sow all kinds of confusion in the minds of the Muslim community in the middle of Ramadan, so I would like to support them if I can. And as for the others, I’m sure the political capital they gained in the aftermath of the tragic shooting will more than make up for any lost contribution from the likes of me and others.


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