What if Allah in the Quran only spoke of heaven and did not mention the reality of hell?

What if the Prophet ﷺ was only a mubashshir (bearer of glad tidings) and not a nadhir (warner)?

Would more people be attracted to Islam if that were the case? Would the religion be more palatable? Would fewer Muslims’ faith be tested? Would fewer people leave Islam?

When we lose balance, Islam becomes “motivational seminar Islam,” whose sole purpose is to make people feel good about their state so they will keep coming back for more.

Televangelist Christians have made a fortune off this simple strategy. Secular “positive psychologists” and “self-help gurus” have as well, creating a multi-billion dollar a year industry. All of it dedicated to telling people that they are awesome and that everything will be amazing if they stay true to themselves and believe and be positive blah blah blah. Muslims are slowly seeing the green as well. #lizardhole


Daniel Haqiqatjou

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