“Suddenly the hijabi is the face of diversity. Her picture is in every other tv commercial and billboard here in the UK. Unsuprisingly the faces of observent Muslim men are noticeable by their absence. But hijab is not a cultural symbol, a fashion statement or declaration of individualism. It’s a religious observence rooted in modesty and selflessness, and intricately part of a whole system of communal rights and duties. The old tactic was trying to “emancipate Muslim women” by encouraging them to unveil. The new tactic is to redefine the veil and make it a tool of ego based individualism and corporate consumerism. There used to be a time when a Nike hijab was unthinkable, not because Muslim women didn’t work out but because they would never dream of doing it in front of men. Not because they were oppressed by patriarchy but free from the oppression of unnatural pressures to be the same as men and occupy the same spaces as them all the time.”

-Ismaeel de Silva


Daniel Haqiqatjou

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