Gender Separation Causes Homosexuality

One of the not-too-subtle contradictions of “progressive” Muslim activism:

A common argument progressive Muslim activists and academics would often invoke against gender separation in Islamic Law is that it induced homosexuality. By keeping young men and women separate, Muslim society and culture was creating an environment conducive to homosexual desire and behavior. Therefore, gender separation should be abolished.

Nowadays, of course, such an argument would be seen as homophobic and contrary to the “correct” understanding of sexual orientation. You cannot “induce” homosexuality, and same-sex desire is not a product of environment, we are told. So this argument against gender separation has conveniently fallen out of favor with progressives.

NB: As I have written elsewhere, there is no conclusive evidence, Islamic or otherwise, to establish whether desire for the same sex is a product of nature or nurture. The fact that people with these desires do not choose to have them has no bearing on this question.


One of the not-too-subtle contradictions of "progressive" Muslim activism:A common argument progressive Muslim…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Friday, September 16, 2016

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This is so true!! This homosexual agenda is going to be the ruin of society! Liberals need to stop pushing “progressive” ideas when they can be clearly disputed with evidence! These homosexuals are going to convert us and eat the children they abort.