An alarming and annoying part of pop discourse: casual reference to “gods.”

Bad weather outside? “The weather gods must be displeased!”

Something good happens, say, on the basketball court or football field? “The basketball/football gods have favored us!”

Find a quality item of clothing for a good price? “The fashion gods must be smiling down at us!”

The people making these statements are not religious and don’t necessarily belive in any god. But they use these expressions casually and thoughtlessly.

Despite what they may say or deny, these expressions belie the underlying fitra all humans possess, i.e., the knowledge of the existence of a higher power, the recognition that that power is responsible for and in control of the viscitudes of life, and the need, desire even, to acknowledge praise, and thank that power. But since many are hostile to the idea of the God of Islam (or of other organized religions), this fitric impulse manifests through trite, almost mocking expressions of shirk. May Allah guide us all.


Daniel Haqiqatjou

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