I am not biased against Saudi. I dislike ALL Middle Eastern political regimes as they have all proven again and again that they only believe in one thing: maintaining their power at all costs. Bashar al-Assad is the extreme example of this, but other regimes have dabbled in the same repression when their injustices were challenged.

When a person shows disproportionate favor toward one regime (e.g., doting fans of Egypt’s Sisi) or favors one regime over another (e.g., “Saudi is the region’s savior and Iran is the villain,” or vice versa, etc.), or shows disproportionate contempt for a single country over all others (e.g., “Iran or Saudi is the root of all evil,” etc.), oftentimes that person is motivated by one of three things:

1. Jingoism

2. Sectarianism, e.g., sunni vs shi`i, salafi vs. sufi, etc.

3. Ignorance of political realities

Any impartial observer can recognize the crimes committed by all these regimes and therefore, at the very least, remain silent instead of trumpeting love, support, and respect for criminals, like a feckless twit. And obviously, corruption is not indigenous to the Middle East. A healthy disdain for politicians is just as advisable in the American and European contexts.


Daniel Haqiqatjou

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