The atheist points to the existence of pain, suffering, and destruction and argues that there is no God.

But this emotional tactic does not faze those who believe in the Last Day.

The Last Day means total annihilation and negation. All of civilization, all of “human achievement,” all remaining vestiges of humanity will be wiped from existence. Beyond humanity itself, the entire universe will be folded up on itself. All of the beauty and splendor around us will be cast into oblivion, from the mountains to the seas to the skies to the stars. Even the angels will perish.

The Last Day is the pinnacle of destruction and any death or ruination we see around us, no matter how shockingly brutal or devastating is only the slightest shadow of that which is set to come. God will make to perish all that He created. And then He will resurrect, anew.

Reflecting on the Last Day strengthens faith in our Creator, who in His overwhelming might creates and destroys, brings to life and makes to perish all things. If knowledge of this all-encompassing obliteration bolsters one’s iman, why would something infinitesimal in comparison — such as the tragedies we see and experience in the course of life — cause one to doubt?


Daniel Haqiqatjou

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