Something that I remind myself of:

In the process of dawah or religious instruction in general, you have to be judicious and present things in a way that makes sense and is appropriate for the audience at their level. But there is a balance to keep in mind. Because it is easy to incline people toward loving and accepting Islam. Just tell them that Islam is everything that they love and accept and omit and gloss over everything in Islam that you know they will dislike and reject.

But if these people accept and fall in love with the Islam that you presented to them, it is a provisional acceptance. Once they find out the selectivity at play and discover the parts you omitted or glossed over, the gig is up. (And I mean “gig” figuratively because this is not necessarily something deliberate; it can all happen subconsciously, which is why it’s so scary.)

A better strategy is to make people realize that those things that they dislike and reject are in actuality good things that they should love and accept for various reasons, not least of which because they are found in Islam, the religion of God Almighty.

The Messenger of Allah (s) said, “None of you [truly] believes until his desires [or inclinations] are in accordance with [or subservient to] that which I have brought.”


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