We have all heard the claim that educated people are more likely to be atheists. But the “education” that is referred to in this claim is, of course, secular education. We’re not talking about people getting educated at religious schools or madrasas. So is it really that surprising that people who spend years studying in a system that ignores God and, at times, actively denies Him, are going to come out the other side more likely to be atheists? If anything, the fact that so many people are still believers after going through such a system shows how inherently weak and intellectually uncompelling atheism is even to “educated” people.

Also, education correlates with wealth and wealth in this world is associated with luxury, excess, status, in other words, dunya. Saturating oneself with dunya will obviously have deleterious effects on people’s faith in God.

On a related note, can we be surprised as Muslim parents that our kids are leaving Islam and generally are riddled with doubts when we are sending them to these secular institutions of learning for 16 or more years straight? 16 years! Imagine if kids were studying deen or at least a deen-infused curriculum (in the real sense of “deen-infused”) for that long. Then we can see how many kids come out of that as atheists or agnostics.


Daniel Haqiqatjou

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