Sex Sells, The Same Way Drugs Sell

Why is the music and movie industry so sex-obsessed? We are told that it is because “sex sells,” i.e., that the masses want sex, they want to see that and consume that. So these industries are simply meeting an already existing demand.

In reality, these industries are creating the demand. They are forcing shamelessness down people’s throats until they create a dependency. It works the same way with the proliferation of drugs. No one naturally wants to inhale smoke. No one wakes up wanting to inject deadly chemicals into the veins. No one naturally desires to drink the rancid, rotten fermentation of putrid fruits and vegetables. These are all artificial desires that these industries spend billions of dollars a year implanting into people’s hearts by way of advertising and other forms of cultural engineering, until people think that these desires are naturally arising and therefore must be pursued and fulfilled.

This is why Western morality is so naturalistic. The most moral thing is to act in accordance with natural human rights and natural human interests. This is what the liberal human rights regime is predicated on. But no one cares to ask, well how natural are these rights and interests? And even if they are natural, who decided we are morally required to act in line with whatever is “natural”?


Why is the music and movie industry so sex-obsessed? We are told that it is because "sex sells," i.e., that the masses…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Sunday, May 1, 2016

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Mohammad Hosain

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