Those who oppose hijab on account of it violating gender equality for some reason don’t make a big deal about it being impermissible for men to wear gold and silk.

Here is an area where both feminists and men’s rights activists can join hands and protest Islamic law together. How is it fair that women can wear gold and silk to their hearts’ content, but men cannot? Men can’t even wear gold and silk in the privacy of their own homes. How is that fair?

Being able to wear gold and silk is an important part of self-expression (one could argue). Wearing gold and silk also allows people to express and signal their wealth and status, which is an important part of upward social mobility in all societies and cultures. Yet women can express themselves such, but men are barred from doing so according to the Sharia. This puts men at a systematic social, economic, and political disadvantage in society compared to women.

Down with the matriarchy!

(This is all tongue-in-cheek, but the point is that feminist arguments that critique Islam can be applied very easily to men’s issues. That’s because the arguments themselves are bad and should be discarded. There are better, more compelling ways to fight for women’s rights — these ways are found within Islam itself. No need to adopt the toxic, incoherent ideology of feminism.)


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