When we say that Islam is the religion of the fitra, part of what that means is that in some capacity, whether consciously or not, non-Muslims have the capacity to recognize (or feel or intuit) that Islam is Godly. What this means for us as Muslims is that we should be very upfront about Islam’s beliefs and moral principles, as if to say, “This is what Islam is, and, even if you won’t admit it to anyone or yourself, maybe you can tell that there is something special and unique about it, or at least some aspect of it. And maybe that’s a sign for you.”

I have had Christian friends tell me things like, “You know, the prostration in your daily prayers is very interesting. It’s a strong gesture of devotion and worship.” I have had Arab Christians admit that they read the Quran regularly because they just enjoy it and they know that it is from God, but they just can’t bring themselves to be Muslim. Obviously, anyone from the Abrahamic faiths can recognize the Godly nature of the hijab. These are all things that many people who are not (yet) Muslims nonetheless feel are otherwordly and even from God.

Unfortunately, Muslims today are all too eager to sabotage these sentiments, namely to try to mask Islamic beliefs and principles or recast them into a mold that will make them more aligned with modern liberalism, feminism, etc., thinking that this will make Islam and Muslims more palatable to the masses. This is a mistake.


Daniel Haqiqatjou

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