No, Men Are Not Obsessed With What Women Wear

Not buying the narrative that “men are obsessed with controlling what women wear.”

First of all, that would mean that women have no agency or power of their own to make choices and influence the discourse, which is simply not the case. Dress codes around the world, in the present day and historically, have been set and enforced by women just as much as men.

Second of all, isn’t it sexist to characterize men as inherently “controlling” and “obsessive”? Especially this characterization of Muslim men as having an inferiority complex and being “scared of women’s sexuality” such that they try to subjugate women by wrapping them up — this is an old Orientalist caricature used as a weapon against Muslim societies by Western colonizers. Why are Muslims reviving this colonial propaganda?

Thirdly, men experience PLENTY of pressure from women to dress a certain way and wear “appropriate” clothes (just ask my wife!). Women are arguably far more judgmental about men’s clothing — its style, cleanliness, if things are “matching,” brands, fashions, colors, cuts, etc., etc. — than vice versa. It is a trivial exercise to flip the argument and claim that “women are obsessed with controlling what men wear.”

Fourthly, men around the world are highly policed when it comes to what parts of their bodies they are allowed to expose. Indecent exposure laws and prosecutions disproportionately affect men rather than women and men face much more severe consequences legally and socially for exposing their genitalia compared to women who commit the same offense.


Not buying the narrative that "men are obsessed with controlling what women wear." First of all, that would mean that…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Friday, August 26, 2016

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This article was very poorly written. Not buying any of his words.

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