Sexism Against Muslim Men

Two simple examples of sexism against Muslim men that I hear over and over from Muslim teachers and leaders.

First, Muslim men are chastised for factoring in physical appearance when considering a spouse and are called superficial for that. This is not fair for multiple reasons. The Prophet -s- of course advised us to take into account attractiveness when choosing a spouse, so this should be an important factor in deciding who to marry, not a secondary or tertiary consideration. And obviously it is problematic if physical beauty is the sole, overriding consideration one makes over and above religiosity. But we don’t hear much criticism for those Muslim women who disqualify suitors on the sole basis of financial status, education, career, etc. Isn’t this just as problematic and superficial as those men who are just looking to marry a beauty queen?

The other example: Muslim men are often criticized for their interest in sports and video games. Of course, these things do pose a danger if one is sinking inordinate amounts of time in them. But some speakers will go so far as to characterize these things as inherently pointless and worthless and not worthy of any attention. Why not spend that time reading Quran or doing something “productive”? But again, we do not hear the female side. Some Muslim women spend countless hours on things like fashion, whether they are shopping or watching fashion videos, etc. Some Muslim women also spend huge amounts of time on interior decorating and so forth. But we don’t often hear speakers warning Muslim women about these activities.

There needs to be more even-handedness on topics like this.


Two simple examples of sexism against Muslim men that I hear over and over from Muslim teachers and leaders.First,…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Saturday, June 11, 2016

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  1. What is also ironic that most feminists want absolute equality but yet insist on only accepting men who are richer and have more education


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