Imagine if they invented a long distance military weapon that could kill the intended target and not do any “collateral damage” by killing civilians or destroying homes and property. Instead of engage in carpet bombing or drone strikes, etc., i.e., engagements that cause a large number of casualties, the military would simply identify the target(s), press a button, and those people are killed by some kind of space laser or some other precision technology, sparing the lives of nearby civilians, etc.

Would this new weapon become the weapon of choice for the world’s superpowers — the US and Israel?

I don’t think so. The excuse is often given that bombs and missiles are an imperfect solution in war. This is somehow supposed to justify the kind of indiscriminate bombing that a country like the US or Israel have engaged in periodically in their imperial and genocidal pursuits respectively. But I’m confident they wouldn’t give up the bomb for a cleaner, more precise weapon.

The bomb is too good at what it does. It shocks. It awes. It obliterates. It burns the life out of a people. That’s why they dropped the atomic bombs on Japan. To burn Japan to the ground. Precision weapons wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying and pleasurable to the sadists in the US and Israeli military complex. Especially not bloodthirsty Israel, who would irradiate an entire city subdivision with white phosphorus if a Palestinian child looked at them the wrong way. They want to hear the boom of the bomb, they want to see hospitals and schools and mosques reduced to rubble. It’s all so very satisfying to them in a carnal way. They wouldn’t trade the burning smell of charred flesh for the world.


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