Tired of Black men being murdered? Stop voting democrat! (but don’t vote for racist republicans either)

People feel so helpless after the recent cases of police brutality. What can be done? What collective action can be taken? I think something that can really have a tangible impact today is if Black Americans and their allies collectively agree to not vote democrat in upcoming local and national elections. Don’t vote republican either — vote third party.

These democratic politicians, including President Obama, clearly are not taking #blacklivesmatter seriously. They have failed to take meaningful action, year after year, as innocent Black men continue to be murdered by a bloodthirsty police force. Clearly these democrats think they have the luxury of taking their sweet time, that Black Americans wouldn’t dare not vote for them. They have become complacent, so they need a jolt. Time to wake up. Just watch their tune change once they realize they can’t count on the Black vote. Meaningful change would happen overnight. Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about Black lives unless she thinks they’re going to cost her her precious presidency.

Bottom line: Punish the dems because they are just as responsible for these deaths as the GOP.

You know under whose presidential administration America’s police force became militarized, with billions of dollars in military-grade weapons and military training, basically turning police into an occupying force against the public? It was Obama’s Department of Homeland Security that did this over the past 8 years. Where do you think this soldier mentality of shoot first ask questions later comes from? Yes, the main part of it is racism, but a lot of it is military training that these police departments are getting.


Tired of Black men being murdered? Stop voting democrat! (but don't vote for racist republicans either)People feel so…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Friday, July 8, 2016

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