This story about the decrepit state of Detroit public schools is disturbing.

People wonder, “What’s the big deal about wealth inequality? What’s so bad about 1% of America’s richest individuals owning 50% of America’s total wealth?” This is it right here in this video. The way our economic system is set up, it’s a zero-sum game. Every dollar hoarded by the billionaire through crony capitalism and corruption is a dollar taken directly and illegitimately stolen out of the pocket of the poor.

Look, there is no problem with the existence of rich and even exorbitantly rich people from the Islamic perspective. Religiously, there is no problem with being rich so long as material wealth does not consume one’s soul. Nonetheless, if that wealth has been acquired through corruption or systems of economics and power that consistently reward the rich simply for being rich and penalizes the poor for their poverty, then profiting from that is more than just wrong. It is criminal.


Daniel Haqiqatjou

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