Violence in the Bible vs. the Quran

Here is a viral video where random people are read violent verses and told that they were from the Quran but in reality, the verses were from the Bible.

But this doesn’t really challenge people’s perceptions. It just makes people think that the Bible is barbaric just as they already assumed that the Quran is barbaric. To really challenge people’s perceptions, show people the writings of famous liberal thinkers, their views on slaves, their views on women, their views on non-land owners, etc. Then show them the consequences of their own participation in modern liberal secular democratic states, i.e., the ones that have, over the past century, unleashed all manner of violence and economic brutality on peoples the world over. Then show them the amount of suffering and destitution, moral, psychological, or otherwise, in their own “first world” countries. Then maybe just maybe they will come off their high horse and realize how foolish it was for them to look down upon the Books of God.

NB: Yes, as Muslims, we do not endorse everything in the Bible. But the Bible is based in part on the Tawrat and Injeel, which Allah sent to Moses (s) and Jesus (s). We believe in all the Books of Allah and should oppose anyone who speaks ill of them or otherwise disrespects them, especially since most of the disrespect these days is from liberals, secularists, atheists, etc., who in the same breath attack the Quran.


This doesn't really challenge people's perceptions. It just makes people think that the Bible is barbaric just as they…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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