How can we trust those who have spoken so highly of Obama — fawning over his eloquence, his humor, his legacy, blah blah blech — to tell us who to vote for in 2016? If you haven’t acknowledged and broadcasted Obama’s belligerence toward the disenfranchised over the past 8 years, how can I take you seriously about who you think will be the best president to serve those same people in the next 4?

“President Obama oversaw a 24-fold (2,400%) increase in the militarization of local police between 2008 and 2014.”

“This was not simply a “surge” in militarization of the police; Obama escalated the war against Black and brown communities by several orders of magnitude. Based on these numbers, Obama is the biggest domestic war hawk in the history of the United States – bigger than Bush, Clinton and all his predecessors since the genesis of the Black mass incarceration regime in the late Sixties.”


Daniel Haqiqatjou

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