That’s why he is thinking about lifting the weak sauce 2015 “ban” on military equipment being transferred to local police departments. The original ban just meant that military equipment couldn’t be transferred to police depts for free. But the police could always just buy military gear — i.e., tanks, grenade launchers, etc. — from the “private market,” which was never really a problem since Obama’s Dept of Homeland Security has been flooding these police departments with free cash to “fight terrorism.” So the original “ban” was just for show. But even that small bit of red tape is too much for the police and Obama.

Anyway, back to fawning over the coolest president ever… Obama is such an amazing, inspirational president! I mean, seriously. Every time he makes a cameo on some late night TV show or has a “jam session” with a notable black artist, I think, “Gee, I’m gonna miss this guy.”


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