“Are you more morally mature than the Prophet of God ﷺ? No you’re not. I’ll answer the question for you.”

Look at this man defending the Prophet ﷺ with words of haqq that rang so true that Allah selected him to be a proof against the enemies of Islam, enemies who in their rage, attacked him ruthlessly and threatened his life!

Are you more moral than the Prophet of God ﷺ Are you better than him? No you’re not.

This is the kind of speech we need. This is the mantra we need to put on banners and testify loud and clear for the world to hear. If love of the Beloved ﷺ is our only hope in this world, and it undoubtedly is, then there is no clearer proof of that love than such a testament.

May Allah bless and ennoble and protect Dr. Jonathan Brown and his family!


Daniel Haqiqatjou

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