Leaving Islam for “Justice”

This is a fascinating interview conducted by Br. Nabeel Azeez where the “ex-exmuslim” really gets into her thought process throughout her path in and out of faith.

She mentions that what really mattered to her, i.e., what was universally important to her, was her sense of justice. When she thought that Islam was not concerned with justice, she became less religiously practicing and ultimately left. When she later came to understand Islam as guaranteeing ultimate justice beyond this life, that’s what brought her back.

This is all very common. Justice is such a major source of doubt for Muslims today because [philosophical] liberalism sets the parameters of what is or is not just in their minds. Anything that does not conform to those parameters is then considered unjust.

She also makes a point that Muslims seem to care little about economic injustice. She thinks socialism provides an ideal, but Muslims in the West seem content with capitalism. These are issues that I agree need more attention.

NEW LINK: http://becomingthealphamuslim.com/interview-ex-ex-muslim


This is a fascinating interview conducted by Br. Nabeel Azeez where the "ex-exmuslim" really gets into her thought…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Thursday, September 15, 2016

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Asalamu alaikum,

I don’t know how to feel about that interview, happy or disturbed. Although it is definately a good thing that she returned to Islam, She is certainly confidently outspoken about her perceptions of “good” and “bad”, which in many instances seem to be based more on secular liberal ideas rather than deen. The doubt in Hadith, belief in evolution and chip on her shoulder with “beardos” was also disturbing. I think she may cause more doubt to a lay muslim about the ussool of their deen than an atheist.

Guess it gives us an insight into what can lead one down that path.

Oh Changer of hearts, settle our hearts firmly upon Your deen.