No Point in “Dialogue-ing” with Zionists

The IDF (Israel Defense Force) aid delegation prepare to board the IAF Samson plane for Nepal which suffered a massive earthquake a few days ago, killing thousands. Thie is the first time the Samson aircraft is being used in operation since it's arrival to the IAF (Israeli Air Force). April 27, 2015. Photo IDF Spokesperson *** Local Caption *** îùìçú äñéåò äöä"ìéú ì ðôàì îèåñ äùîùåï

“Such [pro-Israel] activities will change campus conversations about Israel from “black and white … to one about complexity, nuance and dialogue, which is better suited to a university,” Lerner said.”

Nuance is important but sometimes nuance is a a deliberate distraction from the truth.

As a college student, I wasted a few hours of my life trying to dialogue with zionists. There is no point in sitting down with these people because there is no shared basis of conversation. You can’t even get them to agree to basic truths like, say, it is immoral to cluster bomb a defenseless population or it is wrong to imprison and torture children. They literally will refuse to acknowledge these as truths as far as Palestinians are concerned. The issue is always “more nuanced” and “not so black and white.” If we can’t agree on such fundamental matters, how can any kind of dialogue proceed?

Which is why the “peace process” is a joke. The only thing these wretched excuses for human beings understand is economic pressure which is why I pray #BDS flourishes on college campuses and around the world.


"Such [pro-Israel] activities will change campus conversations about Israel from “black and white … to one about…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Sunday, August 21, 2016

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