The Impact of Liberalism on American Muslims

Another essay by Prof. Sherman Jackson on liberalism. This should be read in conjunction with his other essay: “Liberalism and the American Muslim Predicament.”

Here is one passage that resonated with me because this is what I am trying to do and aspire to do with my work:

“Muslims must reconnect with the vision of their pre-modern ancestors who saw Islam as more than just “religion” in the Enlightenment sense. From here, not only will issues relating to plausibility structure acquire explicit relevance, so too will all those Muslims – men, women, youth, clerics, non-clerics — who can contribute in positive ways to this enterprise. Classical Islamic civilization was not the product of the likes of M?lik and Ab? ?an?fa alone; al-Khaw?rizm?, Mimar Sinan and countless other men and women contributed mightily, including such ‘clerics’ as Ibn ?azm, who wrote on erotic love! We too will have to expand beyond the religious sciences, texts and personnel. Otherwise, continued neglect of plausibility structure will only breed apathy and alienation. And these have always proved to be more effective slayers of religion than bigotry or persecution. And God knows best.”


Another important essay by Prof. Sherman Jackson. This should be read in conjunction with his other essay: "Liberalism…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Friday, February 5, 2016

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